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Check out the original image to see all the details. It's clear and big before we make it smaller. After compression, the image is still really clear, but now it's smaller in size. Can you tell if it looks any different? We keep the quality high even when the file gets smaller.

Before Compression

Original Image

Original PNG Size: 150kb

After Compression

Compressed Image

Compressed PNG Size: 47kb

Make your images smaller and faster with Shekzify's easy image compression tool and save a lot of device space.

Welcome to Shekzify! Our easy-to-use online tool helps you shrink/compress your pictures, like .jpg and .png images. Our tool makes them perfect for your website and saves a lot of space.

Why Use Shekzify for Making Images Smaller?

Shekzify is great for compressing images. It's quick, simple, and robust and keeps your pictures looking good. If you need to make .png or .jpg files smaller for your website or mobile application, then Shekzify is the best tool for you. It helps your website work faster, which improves the user experience.

How Our Tool Helps You Compress Images:

Our tool is super easy, just drag and drop the images, and we will make them smaller and give you the images back. You can download them one by one or download all images as a single file. We make sure they still look clear and sharp, whether they are .jpg or .png files.

Good Things About Compressing Images with Shekzify:

Using Shekzify has lots of benefits:

  • Your website loads quicker because the image files are smaller.
  • Your site works better, and visitors enjoy it more.
  • Better loading times help your website show up higher in search results.
  • Compressing .jpg and .png files is easy and fast with our tool.

Steps to Make Your Images Smaller:

It's really easy and simple to use Shekzify to compress your images. With just a few clicks of your mouse, your .jpg and .png files will be ready for your website or mobile application, always loading faster and looking great.

Compress Images for All Your Needs:

Whether you are making a website, mobile application, a blog, selling things online with small or large e-commerce platforms, or even showing off your photos, Shekzify's tool is perfect. It makes your .jpg and .png images smaller and better for all these uses.

FAQs for Shekzify's Image Compression Tool

The Shekzify Image Compression Tool is an easy and simple online image compression service that makes your images smaller in size. This helps your website load faster, saves space, and also improves your SEO ranking and the user experience.

Yes, it's free. You can use it to make your images smaller without any cost and also you can use our pro package which unlocks a lot of features.

You can compress the most common image types, including .jpg and .png files, with our best image compression tool.

Our tool is designed to reduce the size of your images while keeping them looking good. Your images will still have good quality after compression.

The amount of size reduction depends on the original image, but our tool works to make your images as small as possible without losing quality, our tool compresses images and saves up to 80% of space.

Yes, you can compress several images at the same time with our tool by just dragging and dropping, which makes it quicker and easier for you.

Image compression is usually fast, but the time it takes can vary based on the size and number of images you're compressing.

No, there is no need to download any software/application. Our image compression tool works online, so you can use it directly from your web browser.

Yes, your images are totally secure. We take care to handle your images safely and don't store them longer than necessary. We are working on end-to-end encryption and will integrate it soon.

Smaller images mean your website can load faster, which increases your SEO ranking and is also good for your visitors.

With our free version, you can compress 40 images daily, and upload and compress 2 images at the same time. Each image can be up to 5MB.

The Pro version lets you compress as many images as you want, upload and compress 6 images at the same time, and handle bigger images, up to 70MB each.

You can upgrade by subscribing to our image compression service. This lets you use all the extra features of the Pro version.

Yes, we accept PayPal for the Pro version subscription. It's a safe and easy way to pay.

Yes, we also accept bank transfers. You can send the amount to our bank, check it manually, and activate your pro version.